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Video: Jamie Carragher spits at 14-year-old girl after Man Utd vs Liverpool game

Jamie Carragher has again apologised for spitting on a 14-year-old girl during a row with her father on Saturday.

The Sky Sports pundit became so enraged by being taunted by a Manchester United fan, that he spat at the car that was carrying the man and his young daughter.

The incident took place after United had beaten Liverpool 2-1 at Old Trafford on Saturday.

Carragher arrived at London Euston station on Monday morning ahead of a scheduled appearance on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football.

‘I’ve spoke to the family. I’ll speak to them again, I apologised. Of course [it’s out of character],’ he said leaving the train station.

‘I didn’t to be honest [see her], she was leant back. She wasn’t involved. Sorry, I can only apologise. I’ll apologise again if they ask me to do it properly.’

Carragher did not respond to questions about whether he expected to be sacked by his employer, Sky Sports.

Sky Sports have already responded to the incident, labeling their pundit’s behaviour as ‘unacceptable’ and the broadcaster plans to meet with Carragher when he arrives at the studious later today.
The young girl, who was sitting in the passenger seat during the spitting incident, was stunned by the behaviour at Carragher.

She said: ‘I have never been spat at by anyone before. I thought, ‘Why has he done that’. I thought I had done ­something wrong. ‘People in school take the mick and it is just a laugh. Someone like him who is older should be able to take a joke.’

Sky Sports have yet to confirm whether Carragher will be pulled by covering Manchester City’s game against Stoke City tonight.

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